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Paper and Chemical Technology
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Prepare for an exciting career with a Paper and Chemical Technology degree from Alabama Southern.

Is a job in the Paper or Chemical Process Industry right for you?" Check out the videos on the North American Process Technology Alliance (NAPTA) webpage that talk about why industries hire graduates from the program and why Process Technology is an Education that Pays. http://naptaonline.org/video.php 

As one of the nation's leading training centers for paper and chemical workers, Alabama Southern offers students the opportunity to learn Paper and Chemical Technology in a world-class educational facility. State-of-the-art labs, recognized by the National Science Foundation as the Advanced Technological Education National Center for Pulp and Paper Technology training, prepare students to enter the job market ready to succeed at some of the best jobs in our area. Located on our Thomasville Campus, this program leads to an Associate in Applied Science degree in two years.

Click here to go directly to the National Center for Pulp and Paper Technology Training.

For more information on Pulp and Paper careers, visit The Career Center: http://careers.tappi.org/

Historically, over 85% of our graduates locate jobs. You'll receive a solid foundation in the classroom, and you'll receive practical, hands-on experience in some of the nation's most modern industrial training labs. The Paper and Chemical Technology program also includes exposure to real-life industry settings, and top students can participate in available internships at area production facilities.

Working Together to Build a Better Future for all of Southwest Alabama
The Alabama Southern Industry Partnership for a Technologically Advanced Workforce breaks new ground in job training. Industry, labor, community and education leaders joined forces to design this degree program to create a world-class workforce for industries in Southwest Alabama. The program has become a model for other programs across the nation.

Paper and Chemical Technology at Alabama Southern's Thomasville campus began as a partnership among Ciba (now BASF), PACE Local 3-562 and the College. The partnership has since expanded to include the participation of Auburn University through the Center for Excellence in Forestry, Paper and Chemical Technology and the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Cutting-Edge Facilities Give You A Head Start In A Fast-Paced Industry
Alabama Southern's Paper and Chemical Technology degree program was designed with the help of local paper and chemical industries. In fact, employees from Ciba/BASF, Olin, Alabama River Cellulose and other area plants make classroom presentations at the college and serve as mentors for students who participate in internships.

The internship program allows selected students to spend a semester working at a local plant, and students say having this contact with industry helps them connect what they've learned with real applications.

Alabama Southern's cutting-edge labs put students into an operating chemical plant controlled from a computer control room. This design models full-scale industrial operations in chemical plants and paper mills. The National Science Foundation (NSF) helped fund the lab through a grant, and Auburn University helped develop safe processes to run in the lab plants that do not involve hazardous materials.

Various plants within the lab operate as units of an industrial chemical plant or paper mill, giving students hands-on experience that will put them ahead in the workplace. In the lab, Plant A, a process control plant, trains students on pressure, flow, temperature and level. A crystallization plant, a heated-batch reactor, a water treatment plant, a waste treatment and gas fired boiler plant make the lab like a typical industrial site with various areas of operations. The program also places a heavy emphasis on safety, team building and other workplace skills.

Alabama Southern Industry Partnership for a Technologically Advanced Workforce has helped us build a workforce development program that is recognized as one of the nation's best. The American Chemical Society has described our program as a workforce development model for the nation, and that's just one of the reasons why we are building a brighter future for all of Southwest Alabama.

Industry Alliance Scholarships/Internships
BASF, Alabama River Cellulose and Olin are committing scholarships, internships and jobs to the Paper and Chemical Technology students of Alabama Southern Community College. Students interested in these scholarships may pick up an application in the Student Development Office on the Thomasville campus. Scholarships are limited, and applications must be received by February 15th. Applications are evaluated in the order in which they are received. For more information, contact the Financial Aid Office at (251) 575-8256 or (334) 637-3168.

Paper and Chemical Technology Admission Requirements include:

  • Students must have a High School diploma or GED.
  • Students must complete Alabama Southern admissions application and submit official transcripts of all previous academic work.
  • Students must take the Compass Placement Test for placement in English and Math.


For more information, contact Christie Prout on the Thomasville Campus at (334) 637-3154 or email cprout@ascc.edu.  


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